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MedX – Lumbar & Cervical Extension Machine

Lumbar Extension Machine

The MedX Lumbar Extension Machine provides functional testing and spinal therapy. A unique system of pelvic stabilization provides true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar spine (erector spinae and multifidus) weakness of these muscles can be responsible for chronic disability and recurring pain.

The computer produces a strength curve through range for each patient and compares this data with that of established norms – i.e. people of the same age, weight, height and gender.

Having the ability to compare a patient’s strength with established norms is important in order to identifyfunctional deficits and to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment programme.

A pelvic and leg restraint mechanism is built into the Medical Lumbar Extension Machine. This unique restraint system allows testing and strengthening of the lumbar extensor muscles.


Cervical Extension Machine

The MedX Cervical Extension machine is highly reliable and specific for the quantification of isometric cervical extension strength and dynamic variable resistance training.

Because the cervical muscles continual support the weight of the head, headache, and neck pain are common complaints.

These machines are used in all of the professional sports facilities including the NFL, NHL, NBA and other professional sports training facilities to maximize their athlete’s performance.

Having an exceptionally strong core muscle group is critical to spinal stability. Having a strong cervical spine allows you to have maximum head and neck support which is critical with todays’ technology and daily living activities.

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